Spooky Rivian Halloween Software Update

One of the top EVs, R1S and R1T, which are made by Rivian, the California-based manufacturer, recently introduced a software update with a touch of Halloween-themed fun. Recently Rivian Software Update 2023.38.00 has been released, this over-the-air (OTA) software update became available on October 21 for both the SUV and pickup models. The update included a new "Halloween" tab in the Settings menu of the in-vehicle infotainment system, along with a "Make it Spooky" option that, when activated, triggered a series of magical effects.

One of the features of this update was that in the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) view, the individuals detected by the car's sensors and cameras were transformed into whimsical characters like zombies and witches. This alteration applied to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Additionally, when opening the gear tunnel, frunk (front trunk), or a door, a digital pumpkin would roll out on the car's display screen, though it's essential to note that this was purely a digital animation and not a physical object.

2023.38.00 Software Update: Transform Pedestrians into Halloween Characters and Digital Pumpkins for R1S and R1T EVs

Another element of the update was the replacement of the standard chirping sound with the organ sound from Toccata in D Minor when locking or unlocking the R1S or R1T. This change was designed to infuse a bit of Halloween spirit into the driving experience.

While this set of features was primarily introduced for entertainment purposes, it exemplifies how OTA updates can enhance a vehicle's capabilities over time. Rivian has a track record of delivering updates that enhance the driving experience for R1T and R1S owners. Earlier updates included the addition of a Drive Cam, essentially an integrated dashcam, in May. More recently, an OTA update was rolled out to improve ride comfort, striking a better balance between ride and handling in Sport Mode and enhancing overall comfort in All-Purpose Soft Ride Mode.

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