Fisker Update: Enhanced Service Capabilities and Increased Staffing in US and Canada

Fisker Inc., renowned for creating sustainable electric vehicles, is significantly enhancing its service operations across the United States and Canada. This initiative is in direct response to customer feedback, emphasizing Fisker's commitment to exceptional service. Nearly 100 technicians are now actively working in 20 US states and two Canadian provinces, and the service leadership team is undergoing expansion.

Fisker Update 1
Fisker Update: Fisker expands its service teams, deploying about 100 technicians across 20 US states and two Canadian provinces

The company has introduced regional management for better oversight of service operations and increased its customer relations staff. This includes over 30 Fisker Customer Relations associates and additional call center support for both incoming and outgoing calls. Customer surveys are also being conducted to further improve the service experience.

Recently, Fisker appointed a new Director of Technical Services, starting in January, to provide additional leadership and support. The company is actively recruiting more technicians and has initiated a service surge, deploying mobile technicians to assist customers more conveniently.

Fisker Update 3
Fisker aims to offer customers access to over 100 collision repair facilities across the United States and Canada, as part of the latest "Fisker Update" initiative

In addition to this, Fisker is expanding its collision repair network, which currently includes 35 shops, with plans to add 80 more throughout the US and Canada.

Internally, Fisker has streamlined its service processes and set stringent metrics to ensure timely responses to customers. In a significant Fisker update, they have upgraded the Fisker Ocean vehicle software to Version 1.10, which has been rolled out over-the-air (OTA) to 80% of Fisker vehicles, enhancing user experience. A newer version, 1.11, is being released to further improve performance, with updates scheduled to reach all customer vehicles by the end of January 2024.

Fisker Update 2
Fisker is deploying over-the-air software updates for every Fisker Ocean SUV model

This comprehensive Fisker update underlines their dedication to improving customer service and maintaining their position as a leader in the electric vehicle market. With a focus on expanding service capabilities, enhancing customer relations, and upgrading vehicle software, Fisker is set to provide an unparalleled experience to its customers in North America.

Fisker's latest software update, Version 1.11, brings a host of new features and improvements, further enhancing the driving experience of Fisker Ocean vehicles.

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Source: Fisker

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