Fisker Ocean Software Update Unveils Enhanced Performance and Sustainability Features

Fisker Inc. has announced the first over-the-air (OTA) Fisker Ocean Software Update of 2024 for its all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean. The update, named Ocean OS 2.0, brings several enhancements in performance, powertrain, energy management, and user experience. Scheduled to begin next week and continue through February, it will be available to Ocean owners in Fisker's North American and European launch markets. This follows the December 2023 release of update Version 1.11, with more updates planned throughout 2024. The update is part of Fisker's effort to continually improve the Ocean's functionality as a connected car, incorporating driver feedback.

Fisker Inc. announces Ocean OS 2.0, the first 2024 OTA update for its Fisker Ocean SUV, enhancing performance and user experience. Available to North American and European owners starting next week, this update follows December 2023's Version 1.11 and is part of ongoing improvements planned throughout 2024.

Key features and improvements in the Ocean OS 2.0 Fisker Ocean Software Update include:

  • Revised Front/Rear Torque Split: Adjustments in the dual-motor All-wheel Drive powertrain models (One, Extreme, and Ultra) change the power distribution from a 50:50 ratio to 45:55, aiming to enhance traction and handling.
  • Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH): This feature replaces the Hill Hold function, designed to maintain brake pressure until the driver decides to move, enhancing convenience.
  • SolarSky Upgrade: A new feature in the Extreme and One trims, displaying the amount of solar charging delivered to the vehicle on the Central Touchscreen.
  • Trailer Sway Mitigation: A stability control enhancement for safer towing.
  • Brake Disc Wiping: An automated system for clearing water from brake discs in wet conditions, intended to improve braking responsiveness.
  • Standby Time Controls: These controls allow for adjustment of the infotainment system's standby duration, potentially reducing battery usage and increasing vehicle range.
  • Driver Profiles: This personalization feature allows multiple drivers to save their settings for climate control, audio, and more.
  • Performance Improvements: Updates include better energy management, reduced state of charge loss while parked, improved defogging, enhanced heating/cooling performance in Earth Mode, and the capability to install OTA updates while the vehicle is charging.

The Ocean Extreme model is noted for its EPA range of 360 miles, reportedly the longest range among new electric SUVs in the US. The Ocean's low carbon footprint is attributed to the use of recycled and bio-based materials, its production in a carbon-neutral facility, and the integration of rooftop solar panels that add to its range. Fisker's strategy for Fisker Ocean Software Update involves incorporating customer feedback and conducting extensive testing to ensure ongoing reliability and enhancement of the Ocean SUV.

The Ocean Extreme is recognized for its leading EPA range of 360 miles among new US electric SUVs. It boasts a low carbon footprint due to recycled materials, carbon-neutral production, and solar panels. Fisker's software update strategy focuses on customer feedback and thorough testing to continuously improve the Ocean SUV.

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Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV Sport 231 $42,099
2024 SUV Ultra 350 $61,099
2024 SUV Extreme 360 $66,574

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