Fisker Inc.’s Pinnacle Year: The Fisker Ocean Award and the Rise of the Electric SUV

The Fisker Inc.'s commitment to creating sustainable and emotionally compelling electric vehicles has paid off in 2023, as of the Fisker Ocean awards, winning six prestigious European awards. These accolades span across Germany, France, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, recognizing the vehicle's design, technology, and sustainability.

The Fisker Ocean, recognized with the "Fisker Ocean Awards" for 2023's Full Electric Vehicle of the Year in France, showcases a groundbreaking design

Fisker Ocean awards: Key awards include the Red Dot Product Design Award in Germany for outstanding aesthetics and functionality, and the Automobile Awards in France, where it won Full Electric Vehicle of the Year and SUV of the Year. The Fisker Ocean also received the Danish Car of the Year Design Award and was ‘Highly Commended’ in the UK's 2024 Car of the Year Awards

Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker expressed pride in these achievements, emphasizing the vehicle's design, technology, and commitment to clean mobility. The Fisker Ocean features innovative elements like a digital radar, a rotating touchscreen, a solar roof for additional range, and a unique California Mode for an open-air experience.

Fisker Ocean Awards 1
Featuring the world's first digital radar in a consumer vehicle, the Fisker Ocean, which has earned several Fisker Ocean awards, also boasts an impressive EPA range of 360 miles in the U.S.

Currently available in the US, Canada, and Europe, the Fisker Ocean stands out in the electric SUV market, particularly in the US with its class-leading EPA range of 360 miles. These prestigious Fisker Ocean awards in 2023 highlight Fisker Inc.'s role in transforming the electric vehicle industry.

Fisker Inc. has released its latest OTA update for the Fisker Ocean, enhancing user experience across its fleet. Additionally, a review of top EV home chargers for 2023 is available, offering optimal charging solutions for Fisker Ocean owners.

Source: Fisker

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2024 SUV Sport 231 $42,099
2024 SUV Ultra 350 $61,099
2024 SUV Extreme 360 $66,574

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