VinFast Takes the US by Storm: The VF 8 EVs and VF 9 SUVs

By delivering the first 45 VF 8 City Edition all-electric SUVs to customers in California, VinFast has made its official entry into the North American market. The company has nine stores across the state, and the vehicles will be delivered to customers either at these stores or through a home-delivery service in the coming days.

2023 Vinfast VF9 Interior Image 13
2023 Vinfast VF9 Interior Image 13

Last December, 999 VF 8 City Edition vehicles were imported to the U.S. and are now available for customers. The VF 8 City Edition is a limited edition vehicle that comes with a special financing offer. The Eco and Plus models of the VF 8 City Edition have an estimated range of 207 miles and 191 miles respectively, and are equipped with advanced technologies such as ADAS and Smart Services. VinFast firmware over-the-air (FOTA) allows for regular updates to enhance vehicle functionality and performance for all VinFast vehicles, including the VF 8 City Edition.

VinFast's approach to customer service revolves around putting the customer at the center, which includes providing exceptional after-sales policies. These policies comprise a 10-year warranty for both vehicles and batteries, mobile services, round-the-clock roadside assistance, and other benefits that ensure customers feel secure throughout their electric vehicle ownership journey.

The VF9 will compete with SUVs from startups like Rivian and established brands like Kia's upcoming EV9

VinFast, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, received an overwhelming response of 24,000 orders globally within just 48 hours of opening reservations for its new electric SUVs. The company quickly delivered the first 100 models in September and aimed to expand its global presence in the US, Canada, and Europe. VinFast continued this momentum by shipping its first batch of VF 8 models to the US in late November. However, the company faced some challenges, leading to delays in deliveries until March 1 to incorporate the latest software. To compete with Tesla and the growing electric vehicle market in the US, VinFast also introduced a new pricing promotion for VF 8 City Edition buyers.

VinFast has faced ongoing difficulties such as postponing the production of its first electric vehicle plant until 2025, which is a year behind schedule. However, it should be noted that the company had set an ambitious timeline from the outset. In an effort to establish a stronger brand in the United States, VinFast plans to introduce a new VF 8 with an increased range and a VF 9 SUV.

VinFast CEO Le Thi Thu Thuy announced that after delivering 27 electric VF 9 SUVs in Vietnam, the company plans to export the vehicle in the upcoming months. The VF 9 is a fully-electric SUV with a three-row design and AWD powertrain, featuring two e-motors for a combined 402 horsepower. The SUV is equipped with a 92 kWh battery that provides a targeted range of approximately 272 miles for the Eco version and about 262 miles for the Plus trim. The first edition of the VF 9 has a 6-seat configuration with two captain's seats in the second row, complemented by a large armrest.

According to the CEO of VinFast, the company plans to export their VF 8 standard edition models to the United States and Canada by April of 2023. The company also plans to export the VF 9 model and will begin accepting reservations for the VF 6 and VF 7 in the upcoming months. The automaker hopes that a VF 8 with a longer range will assist them in competing better in the market, as competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

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Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV ECO 264 $46,000
2024 SUV Plus 243 $51,800

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