New Lucid Air Financing: The December “Electrify Your Holidays” Event

The Lucid Motors is conducting a promotional event named "Electrify Your Holidays," scheduled to run through the end of this year, concluding on December 31, 2023. This initiative presents an opportunity for potential buyers to select from two primary options: either purchasing the current 2023 Lucid Air model or placing a pre-order for the forthcoming 2024 model. In a move to enhance the accessibility of their electric vehicles to a wider customer base, Lucid is offering noteworthy Air Credits. This financing, which could reach up to $10,000, are available on all their available 2023 models, indicating the company's commitment to making electric vehicle ownership more feasible for a diverse range of consumers.

Lucid Air Financing
The offers of The December “Electrify Your Holidays” Event

Furthermore, the financing promotion includes a targeted incentive for existing owners or lessees of certain models. These individuals are eligible for a $2,000 Conquest Credit Bonus, which can be utilized towards the acquisition or leasing of a new Lucid Air. This initiative is part of Lucid's strategy to encourage more consumers to transition to their brand of electric vehicles.

Lucid Air Financing
The car models of The December “Electrify Your Holidays” Event

During their ongoing financing promotional period, Lucid Motors is enticing customers with a generous $300 Home Charging Bonus, available to those who purchase or lease a new Lucid Air. This bonus can be applied towards the Lucid 80 Amp Home Charger, making it even more convenient for Lucid owners to recharge their vehicles. Moreover, select 2023 models like the Pure, Touring, and Grand Touring come equipped with features such as Surreal Sound Pro and Dream Drive Pro at no additional cost.

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Source: The December “Electrify Your Holidays” Event

2024 Lucid Air: What You Need to Know

The 2024 Lucid Air, a masterpiece in the electric vehicle market, exemplifies the merger of luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness. 8 seconds. The Touring model increases this to 620 hp with a 0-60 mph time of 3. Learn more
Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 Sedan Air Pure RWD 419 $77,400
2024 Sedan Air Pure AWD 410 $82,400
2024 Sedan Air Touring 384 $95,000

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