Tesla Introduces More Affordable Versions of Model S and Model X with Reduced Range

Tesla has rolled out new, cost-effective versions of its 2023 Tesla Model S and 2023 Tesla Model X electric vehicles, sacrificing some range for a more attractive price point. The Model S Standard Range, priced at $78,490 before the mandatory $1,390 delivery charge, now stands as the most affordable version of the electric sedan. Similarly, the Model X Standard Range is priced at $88,490 prior to delivery.

2023 Tesla Model X Standard Range Price
Tesla's 2023 Model S and Model X now offer cost-effective Standard Range versions, priced at $78,490 and $88,490 respectively, with reduced range to lower entry costs

These price reductions are attributed to decreased battery range. The Model S Standard Range promises 320 miles per charge, 85 miles less than the regular Model S priced $10,000 higher. Similarly, the Model X Standard Range offers 269 miles, compared to 348 miles from the pricier Model X variant.

We anticipate gaining more insights as the delivery of vehicles begins, likely around September or October

Acceleration for these models has also been slightly compromised. The Model S Standard Range accelerates from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, slightly slower than its pricier counterpart. The Model X Standard Range takes an estimated 4.4 seconds to achieve the same.

2023 Tesla Model S Standart Range Price
Tesla's new lower-priced Model S and Model X variants offer reduced ranges of 320 and 269 miles, respectively, compared to their higher-priced counterparts' 405 and 348 miles, saving buyers $10,000

The specific batteries used in these new models remain uncertain. Historically, Tesla has either software-limited the battery range or allowed customers to upgrade battery capacity post-purchase for a fee. There's also speculation on the use of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, as seen in Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y, instead of the conventional lithium-ion packs. Clarifications are expected when vehicle deliveries commence, likely in September or October.

Tesla's Q2 2023 production surpassed expectations with a record 466,140 global deliveries of Models Y, 3, S and X, beating their previous record of 422,875. Future growth is anticipated with upcoming cost-effective versions of Models X and S.

Source: Tesla

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