Tesla Makes History: Production of the 5 Millionth Electric Vehicle!

On September 17, 2023, Tesla announced a significant milestone: the production of its five millionth electric car. This landmark achievement comes 20 years after Tesla's inception in 2003 and 15 years after the roll-out of its debut vehicle, the Roadster, in 2008.

Tesla Group Image
In 2023, Tesla celebrated producing its five millionth electric car, marking 20 years since its 2003 inception

While it took 12 years for Tesla to produce its first million cars by March 2020, the subsequent milestones came rapidly. The next million took 18 months, the third million in 11 months, and the fourth in merely seven months. Remarkably, Tesla announced its 4 millionth vehicle just over six months ago, on March 1, 2023.

As the leading all-electric car manufacturer globally, Tesla's production is edging closer to two million units annually. If this pace persists or even accelerates, we could witness the production of Tesla's 6th millionth car by early 2024.

Tesla's 5 Millionth Electric Car
Tesla's Weibo shows the milestone car: Model 3 Highland in Pearl White from Giga Shanghai, the world's largest EV factory

An image from Tesla's Weibo account reveals the milestone car to be the new Tesla Model 3 Highland in Pearl White, manufactured at the Tesla Giga Shanghai factory. Notably, this factory, the world's largest EV production site, celebrated its two millionth electric car earlier this month.

Also, Tesla recently reported record Q2 2023 deliveries of 466,140 cars worldwide, surpassing their previous Q1 2022 record of 422,875.