Unveiling Tesla’s ‘Charge on Solar’ – A Bright Future for EV Charging!

Officially revealed by Tesla, the automaker's latest innovation is the "Charge on Solar" feature, enabling electric car owners to charge their vehicles using solar energy. As renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro gain popularity, excess energy production becomes a concern. To tackle this, batteries can store surplus energy for later use. Tesla's new solution allows owners with solar, Powerwalls, and Tesla vehicles to charge their cars using excess solar power.

Charge On Solar Typical Operation Tesla
Tesla unveils "Charge on Solar," enabling EV owners to use surplus solar energy to charge vehicles via Powerwalls and Tesla's innovation

The "Charge on Solar" feature was previously reported during a Tesla mobile app update, and now it's officially launched in the US and Canada. To use this feature, you need specific hardware and software versions, as shown in the table below:

Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y2023.26 or Higher
Powerwall with solar on site23.12.10 or Higher
Tesla app4.22.5 or Higher

With "Charge on Solar," a Tesla vehicle charges exclusively using excess solar energy produced by its solar system. This maximizes the value of home solar systems.

Charge on Solar Icon Slider
Access the Tesla app, go to "Charge on Solar," set charge limit with excess solar energy, then use excess solar power solely. Adjust lower limit as needed

To take advantage of the feature, access the Tesla app and navigate to "Charge on Solar," where you can set your charge limit using excess solar energy. The vehicle will charge from solar and the grid until the charge level surpasses the designated limit, after which it will solely rely on excess solar power. For more flexibility, users can adjust the lower charge limit to suit their preferences.

Tesla Solar Roof
Tesla provides a scheduling feature, allowing users to halt solar charging at chosen times to manage higher energy demands

Additionally, Tesla offers a scheduling option, enabling users to stop charging with solar at specific times when they anticipate increased energy consumption.

By incorporating solar power into the charging process, Tesla's "Charge on Solar" feature represents another step towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

In recent news, Tesla has decided to raise the price of the NACS Wall Connector. This popular home charging option had previously seen an increase in price from $350 to $425 in January 2023. However, Tesla has now raised the price by an additional $50, making the total cost of the connector $475.