Electrify America’s Congestion Reduction Pilot to Improve Charging Efficiency

Electrify America has launched a pilot program to reduce congestion at selected charging stations by enforcing a State of Charge (SOC) limit. Under this pilot, charging sessions will end once a vehicle reaches 85% SOC, with a 10-minute window for drivers to move their vehicles before idle fees apply. This initiative aims to reduce wait times and increase the availability of charging stations.

Electrify America's New Charging Pilot 1
Electrify America's pilot limits charging to 85% SOC at select stations to reduce wait times and congestion

The pilot is conducted at high-utilization urban locations, excluding highway corridor stations to ensure long-distance travelers can charge adequately. The pilot stations include:

  • Plaza Del Sol, Burbank, CA
  • Target, Carson, CA
  • Ralphs, Glendale, CA
  • Bank of America, Los Angeles, CA (Washington-Centinela and Chinatown)
  • Vons, La Crescenta, CA
  • Walmart Supercenter, San Diego, CA
  • Target, San Dimas, CA
  • Target, Van Nuys, CA
  • Yorba Canyon Center, Yorba Linda, CA

Electrify America selected these locations based on high utilization rates and customer feedback. The company will continually monitor the effectiveness of the pilot and make necessary adjustments based on station performance and customer sentiment.

Electrify America's New Charging Pilot 2
Idle fees apply after a 10-minute grace period post-charging. Check the Electrify America app for participating stations

For drivers who prefer not to participate in the pilot program, Electrify America recommends using their mobile app or website to find alternative charging stations. The goal of the pilot program is to streamline the charging process and ensure efficient use of the charging infrastructure.

The program will begin in early July 2024, with ongoing adjustments based on customer feedback and performance data. The 85% SOC limit will be enforced at all selected locations, and re-plugging to bypass the limit will not be possible as chargers will not initiate a session if the vehicle’s SOC is at or above 85%.

Electrify America's New Charging Pilot 3
Pilot program begins July 2024. For more info and alternative stations, visit Electrify America's website or mobile app

Electrify America recognizes that other EV charging networks have implemented similar SOC limits. They anticipate that this pilot will help reduce wait times and improve the overall charging experience. Future plans include expanding the network and building larger charging stations to meet growing demand.

For more information and to explore alternative charging locations, visit the Electrify America mobile app or website. Additionally, you can learn about Tesla's free supercharging options and discover the costs associated with EV battery replacement.

Source: Electrify America