Rimac Verne Introduces Autonomous Electric Taxis for Urban Mobility

Rimac, known for its high-performance electric vehicles, has launched a new brand named Rimac Verne, focused on developing and operating autonomous electric taxis in densely populated cities.

Its first vehicle is a wedge-shaped, two-seater robotaxi designed specifically for autonomous ride-hailing. The Rimac Verne vehicle, built without a steering wheel or pedals, cannot be purchased for personal use. Instead, it features a comprehensive suite of self-driving technologies, including cameras, radars, lidar, and Mobileye's Drive software platform, enabling it to navigate various weather conditions, road types, and local driving styles.

The interior of Rimac Verne's robotaxi is optimized for two passengers, offering reclining seats, a center console with a tablet, multiple buttons, and a 43-inch dashboard screen. This configuration reflects data indicating that most rides involve one or two passengers. The design aims to provide a spacious and comfortable experience, featuring a 17-speaker sound system, adjustable comfort levels, and a panoramic roof. A notable feature is the Median button, allowing passengers to start and stop their ride with ease, addressing potential concerns about autonomous technology.

Rimac Verne's robotaxi features advanced self-driving tech, a two-seater design, and a spacious, customizable interior

Rimac Verne's service will be app-based, allowing users to customize their ride settings such as ambient lighting and climate control. After each shift, the robotaxis will autonomously return to a facility called the Mothership for inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and charging. This approach ensures cleanliness and reliability, addressing issues faced by previous car-sharing services.

Verne's service includes autonomous return to Mothership for maintenance, ensuring cleanliness and reliability for every ride

Production of Rimac Verne's robotaxi will take place in a new facility near Zagreb, Croatia, with operations set to begin in Zagreb in 2026. Following this launch, Rimac Verne plans to expand across Europe and the Middle East, having already signed agreements with 11 cities and engaged in discussions with over 30 additional cities globally. There are currently no plans for Rimac Verne to expand into the U.S. market.

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