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Kia Corporation has recently unveiled the complete pictures of both the exterior and interior of its flagship SUV, the 2024 KIA EV9, which is the company's first electric vehicle with three rows of seats. The design of the EV9 is a combination of bold and sophisticated elegance, which is a significant step forward for Kia as they aim to become a sustainable mobility solutions provider. The unique design of the EV9 is inspired by Kia's "Opposites United" design philosophy, which blends modernity and nature to create a harmonious whole. The SUV boasts a contemporary and serene appearance, with sleek and sculptural shapes that exude confidence and assurance.

Karim Habib, who is the Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center, stated that the Kia EV9 is a revolutionary vehicle that intends to set new benchmarks in terms of design, connectivity, usability, and environmental responsibility. The Kia EV9 is a highly attractive option for customers looking for a family SUV with a unique electric vehicle perspective. This vehicle type offers intuitive experiences and exceptional comfort to all occupants through creative use of technology, design, and space.

Kia's designers follow the 'Opposites United' design philosophy to create visually striking vehicles. They focus on the 'Bold for Nature' pillar of the ideology, which combines elements from nature and materials to design the exterior of the EV9. The outcome is an electric SUV that blends rugged durability with the serenity of a sophisticated EV, establishing new standards for future EV SUV designs.

The EV9's front design is characterized by clear, simple lines and surfaces that convey confidence, clarity, and calmness. The "Digital Pattern Lighting Grille" and tall vertical headlamps draw attention to the vehicle's signature "Digital Tiger Face," which gives it a futuristic appearance. The "Digital Tiger Face" is defined by two clusters of small cube lamps located next to each headlamp. Additionally, the "Star Map LED daytime running lights (DRL)" provide a unique lighting experience and showcase Kia's "Digital Tiger Face" design for future EV models.

The EV9's side profile is designed using a polygonal language to blend SUV identity with excellent aerodynamic efficiency. The dynamic triangular fender structures and geometric wheel arches combine with the fuselage body to create a cohesive structure that presents a determined look. The flush door handles and tapered back roofline give a sense of smooth and efficient motion. At the rear, the tailgate's simple and clean lines are elegantly detailed by slim rear lights that reflect the EV9's strong and confident stance.

The global premiere of Kia's EV9 is scheduled for late March where all product information will be revealed

Kia's design philosophy is called 'Opposites United' and it is centered around the 'Technology for Life' pillar. This principle ensures that any technology or innovation created by Kia promotes positive and intuitive interactions between humans and machines. By doing so, Kia is able to unlock new possibilities for mobility. These values played a vital role in the development of the interior of the EV9. Kia's designers were able to focus on providing ample space, comfort, and technology for all passengers, redefining the expectations of what a family SUV can offer.

The EV9 is constructed using Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which allows for a lengthy wheelbase, a low beltline, and a completely flat electric vehicle design that provides ample space for all passengers to connect and relax in a lounge-style setting across all three rows of seats. The six or seven-seat options were developed based on family feedback to ensure that the EV9 offers equal space, comfort, and experience for all passengers, without solely prioritizing the driver.

When the EV9 is charging, individuals occupying the first and second-row seats can recline their seats at the same time to unwind and take a break. Moreover, the second-row seats can be rotated without any hassle up to 180 degrees, enabling the passengers to communicate with those seated in the third row. Additionally, the third-row seats are equipped with charging points and cup holders for electronic devices.

The 2024 KIA EV9 has a spacious and well-lit cabin with a simple yet elegant design that is user-friendly. The dashboard is open and extends from the steering wheel to the center of the vehicle, featuring two 12.3-inch touch screens and one 5-inch segment display that make controlling the vehicle's functions effortless. The center console offers plenty of storage space, including a large compartment at the bottom, and the console doors add to the overall sophistication of the interior.

The EV9 has an AVNT screen that offers high-definition audio visual, navigation and telematics features, which creates an immersive experience for users. This screen allows occupants to interact with the digital world without any difficulty. Additionally, the EV9 has touch buttons under the AVNT screen that control the start/stop function, HVAC, and AVNT.

In March, the Kia EV9 will be introduced worldwide, and Kia will reveal all the details about the product and launch a global campaign with the tagline "Here to reshape the way we move."

2024 KIA EV9: What You Need to Know

When we think about the electrification transition in the automotive industry, Kia's 2024 EV9 stands out as a beacon of innovation. This range in pricing ensures that there's an EV9 for the budget-conscious buyer and the luxury-seeker alike. Learn more
Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV Light RWD 230 $54,900
2024 SUV Light Long Range RWD 304 $59,200
2024 SUV Wind AWD 280 $63,900
2024 SUV Land AWD 280 $69,900
2024 SUV GT-Line AWD 270 $73,900

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