Fisker Unveils the 600-Mile Ronin Flagship EV: Sneak Peek!

The electric vehicle startup, Fisker Inc, is not only focused on its recently launched Ocean electric SUV but is also working on two other models. One of them is the 2024 Fisker Pear, an entry-level model expected to be available for purchase in 2025. The other model is the 2024 Fisker Ronin, described as a four-door convertible GT sports EV and slated to be the flagship vehicle for the company.

Fisker Unveils the 600-Mile Ronin Flagship EV: Sneak Peek!
The car, set to be revealed on August 3, is described as "super fast" and accommodates up to five passengers

Henrik Fisker, the founder and CEO of Fisker Inc, recently shared an update about the Ronin on his personal Instagram page. He posted a teaser rendering of the Ronin, revealing some new information. The car will be officially unveiled on August 3 and is described as "super fast" with seating for five. Fisker envisions it as the ultimate long-distance Grand Touring car, with an anticipated range of 600 miles, which would make it the longest-range EV on the market if achieved.

With an expected range of 600 miles, Fisker aims for the ultimate long-distance Grand Touring car, potentially becoming the longest-range EV available

The Ronin's design features sporty elements such as muscular fenders, a sculpted vented hood, a rear light bar, and large wheels. Henrik Fisker has previously mentioned that the 2024 Fisker Ronin will have a structural battery pack, unique doors for easier access, and a luxurious and sustainable vegan interior.

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The design of the Fisker Ronin includes sporty features like muscular fenders, sculpted vented hood, rear light bar, and large wheels

While the Ronin looks impressive, its actual production and performance will depend on the success of the Ocean SUV. The Ronin's release date and performance capabilities may also be subject to change, considering the Pear model was delayed. Nonetheless, Fisker enthusiasts can look forward to the official unveiling of the Ronin in the near future.