Exploring the New Fisker Center in San Diego: A First Look

Fisker Inc has recently inaugurated a new showroom, service, and delivery center near San Diego. The facility, dubbed Fisker Center+, is situated in Vista, California, approximately 20 minutes from downtown San Diego by car. This 32,000 square-foot center, formerly a dealership for a major automaker, has been repurposed to support the growth of Fisker's sustainable electric vehicle startup.

The new center's opening is a significant move for Fisker, with its proximity to the company's Los Angeles headquarters and its alignment with the Southern California lifestyle that influences the Fisker brand. The facility is designed to enhance the ownership experience for Fisker's substantial customer base in the region. Officially opened on November 24, this facility marks an expansion in Fisker's real estate presence, both in the United States and Europe.

Fisker Center in San Diego
The Newly Opened Fisker Center in San Diego - Pioneering the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Since its opening, the Fisker Visa Center+ at 1715 Hacienda Drive has been bustling with activity, conducting 158 test drives so far. Fisker plans to conduct over 50 test drives per day at the center, making it a significant hub for potential customers and supporting the company's expansion in the electric vehicle market. Operating from 10 am to 6 pm PT, Monday through Sunday, the facility offers an immersive experience for potential customers and plays a crucial role in Fisker's growth strategy.

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