EVgo Charging Installation Breakthrough: Prefabrication Model Cuts Costs and Time

In an industry where the demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is growing rapidly, EVgo is making a significant leap forward with its prefabricated charging installation approach. As a nation's leader in public fast charging networks, EVgo's latest strategy promises to halve the time typically required to install new charging stations. This reduction in EVgo charging installation timelines could be a game-changer, making the rollout of new stations faster and more efficient than ever before.

EVgo charging installation exterior image 2
EVgo's prefabrication for charging installations promises major cost and time savings, speeding up setup with quality off-site assembly

The cost and time efficiency of the EVgo charging installation process are expected to be game-changing, as it streamlines the creation of new fast charging stations. Prefabrication entails assembling all necessary charging equipment, from dispensers to power cabinets, into a single frame at a controlled off-site facility. This method not only ensures quality and consistency but also expedites the entire process by allowing for pre-commissioning prior to the equipment's arrival on site.

The enhancements brought by the prefabricated charging installation extend beyond mere speed. EVgo's model is designed with customer experience firmly in mind. Each prefabricated skid is future-proof, allowing for the easy addition of amenities like Wi-Fi, lighting, and security features. The incorporation of synthetic turf to protect equipment and connectors adds a thoughtful touch, indicating EVgo's attention to the finer details that enhance overall user satisfaction.

EVgo charging installation exterior image 1
EVgo's advanced charging install goes beyond speed, focusing on customer delight with future-ready features and protective synthetic turf

As EVgo rolls out its prefabricated charging installation at various locations across the United States, the company is setting an ambitious pace for the industry. The initiative is not just about meeting current demands but also about paving the way for future growth in EV adoption. The combination of reduced construction costs, enhanced user experience, and rapid deployment could be pivotal in propelling the EV market to new heights, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation landscape.

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Source: EVgo