Concept Car of the Future – Lamborghini Terzo Millennio!

The Terzo Millennio was created by the Lamborghini Centro Stile with a focus on enhancing aerodynamic performance, design, and driving experience. The car's proportions and weight distribution were revamped to achieve this goal. The monocoque of the car can only accommodate the energy accumulation system and two seats due to the presence of motors in the wheels and the absence of lithium batteries. This gives the vehicle a characteristic racing setup, with a streamlined and lightweight design. The front openings of the car are designed to optimize air flows, and the large Y-shaped headlights make it easily recognizable.

In the Sián FKP 37, a new technology called supercapacitors was introduced, which was previously showcased in the Terzo Millennio. Supercapacitors have a greater ability to store and discharge power efficiently, allowing them to store more power per kilogram than traditional Li-ion batteries. This enables the recovery of potential energy that is lost during braking and instantaneously discharging it to produce extraordinary boosts.

The use of carbon fiber materials in electric vehicles serves multiple purposes including aesthetics, aerodynamics, structure and energy storage. Researchers have explored the potential of incorporating nanofillers into the bodyshell panels, effectively integrating them into the battery and supercapacitor system. Additionally, materials have been developed with the aim of enabling self-repair in the future, by incorporating micro channels filled with chemical compounds to prevent small fractures from spreading in the carbon structure.

The excitement of driving a Lamborghini comes from its powerful engines and exceptional handling, made possible by its four-wheel drive. For the Terzo Millennio electric concept, Lamborghini chose to use four-wheel motors to maintain all-wheel drive, high torque, and the ability to transmit electricity through wiring. This approach reduces weight and frees up space for more creative design and aerodynamics. The Terzo Millennio is a design concept that embodies Lamborghini's commitment to anticipating the future and bringing the excitement of their super sports cars into the age of electric vehicles.