Alfa Romeo Milano: A New Chapter in Italian Automotive Excellence

The esteemed Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry with the introduction of its first Sport Urban Vehicle, the Alfa Romeo Milano. This groundbreaking model, which will be available in a 100% electric version, represents a major landmark in the brand's history and its dedication to the advancement of electric mobility.

The choice of the name "Milano" is a nod to Alfa Romeo's rich heritage and its roots in Milan. This city, known for its design and class mirrors the values that Alfa Romeo embodies in its vehicles. The company's logo itself, featuring the Cross and the Biscione serpent, has been a longstanding symbol of Milan and its noble history.

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Alfa Romeo debuts the Milano, its first Sport Urban Vehicle, marking a key milestone in its history and commitment to electric mobility. The name 'Milano' reflects the brand's Milanese heritage, mirroring its design ethos and class

Alfa Romeo Milano marks the brand's return to the B-segment, Europe's largest automotive segment. With its Italian sportiness and distinctive design, Milano offers a unique experience to both loyal Alfisti and new enthusiasts. Jean-Philippe Imparato, the CEO of Alfa Romeo, emphasizes that Milano is a symbol of the brand's evolution and a welcoming gesture to all its fans.

The introduction of Milano is a critical part of Alfa Romeo's transition to electric vehicles. This initiative, part of the brand's broader strategy under the Stellantis group formed in 2021, aims to achieve a fully electric lineup by 2027. This bold plan, named "From 0 to 0," involves launching a new product each year, starting with the Tonale Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Q4 in 2022 and leading up to the entirely electric lineup in 2027.

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Since joining Stellantis, Alfa Romeo's focus on quality and innovation has driven its global sales surge and earned top rankings in key industry studies

Alfa Romeo's journey since the establishment of Stellantis showcases its commitment to profitability, quality, and innovation. The brand has seen remarkable commercial success in 2023, with a significant increase in global sales and a notable presence in various global markets. This success is backed by Alfa Romeo's unwavering focus on quality, which has been globally recognized, including top rankings in the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index and the U.S. Initial Quality Study.

The Alfa Romeo Milano is set to make its debut in Milan in April 2024.

The introduction of the Alfa Romeo Milano as an all-electric Sport Urban Vehicle is a strategic move for the brand. It aligns with the industry's shift towards electrification, tapping into the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. By re-entering the B-segment, Alfa Romeo is targeting a significant market in Europe. However, the success of the Milano will largely depend on its performance, pricing, and how well it integrates electric technology with Alfa Romeo's heritage of design and sportiness. This launch is crucial for Alfa Romeo's market position and will be a key indicator of its ability to adapt to the changing automotive landscape.

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Source: Stellantis

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