Toyota Supra’s Future is ELECTRIC – Here’s How!

It appears that this fifth iteration of the Toyota Supra will not end up being the last one. It is being speculated that the successor to the GR Supra could be an electric sports car. However, before this occurs, Best Car magazine from Japan is saying that a more powerful version may be crafted to give the internal combustion engine a proper send-off. This extreme ICE-powered Supra is said to produce up to 542 horsepower, which is a huge increase from the 3.0-liter turbo engine's current 382 horsepower.

Instead of the GR Supra name, this vehicle may be known as GRMN, which is an acronym for "Gazoo Racing, tuned by the Meister of the Nürburgring", a designation reserved only for the most powerful GR models. This particular Supra, is anticipated to be the last model to be built on the A90 chassis, as per Best Car, with production scheduled to halt in 2025.

The 5th Gen Supra will be released with a 'GRMN' variant offering 445-500hp before the electric 'A100' model arrives by 2025-2026

Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada hinted in 2019 that the sixth-generation Supra could be electric, and Best Car now has additional details about the car. The A100 would have the equivalent of 444 to 493 horsepower and be rear-wheel-drive. Additionally, it would feature a pseudo-manual transmission specifically designed for electric vehicles that simulates the feel of a traditional manual gearbox. Surprisingly, it is said to take the form of a mid-engined sports car, as the electric platform would give more design flexibility. 

If this plan comes to fruition, it would be great news for enthusiasts, who would be able to enjoy a last ICE blast and have access to an affordable EV sports car.

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