Tesla Supercharger Offer for End-of-Year Deliveries

Tesla has introduced a new promotional offer aimed at increasing its vehicle deliveries before the end of the year. This latest initiative provides an attractive incentive for potential buyers: six months of complimentary Supercharging. This offer is specifically targeted at customers who purchase a new Model 3 or Model Y.

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Tesla's new promo offers 6 months free Supercharging to boost year-end sales for new Model 3 and Model Y buyers

The announcement of this Supercharger offer follows closely on the heels of Tesla's recent decision to offer significant discounts on new and low-mileage vehicles in its inventory. These price reductions were substantial, amounting to thousands of dollars, and represented a clear strategy by Tesla to stimulate demand and clear inventory.

It is important for customers to be aware of the specific terms and conditions associated with the Supercharger offer. Notably, while the aforementioned price discounts apply to both newly configured vehicles and those already in Tesla’s inventory, the free Supercharger benefit is exclusively available to buyers of new orders. Additionally, this promotion excludes used vehicles, business orders, and vehicles intended for commercial use, such as taxis, rideshare services, and delivery vehicles.

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Tesla Supercharger Offer exterior image 3
Tesla Supercharger Offer exterior image 10
Tesla Supercharger Offer exterior image 4
Tesla Supercharger Offer exterior image 1
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The terms of the offer are quite straightforward. To be eligible for the six months of free Supercharging, customers must order a new Model 3 or Model Y and ensure that they take delivery of the vehicle by the stipulated deadline of December 31, 2023. Tesla, however, does not guarantee the availability of vehicles or delivery by this date and has clarified that no exceptions will be made.

The promotion is linked to the customer's Tesla Account and is non-transferable. This means it cannot be applied to another vehicle, person, or order, even in instances where the ownership of the vehicle changes. The offer is also not stackable with other ongoing Tesla promotions, and Tesla reserves the right to modify, terminate, or extend the offer at any time.

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Tesla's Supercharger offer includes a clause against excessive use, allowing revocation to ensure fair access for all users

Moreover, Tesla has stipulated a clause to prevent abuse of the Supercharger offer. The company retains the right to revoke the free Supercharging from a vehicle if it deems that the charging behavior is excessive. This is likely a measure to ensure fair use and availability of Supercharging facilities for all Tesla users.

Tesla recently revamped their Charging webpage into a comprehensive resource center, offering a detailed overview of various charging options like home charging, destination charging, and Supercharging, thereby helping users better understand the versatility of charging their Tesla vehicles.

Meanwhile, another of Tesla's vehicles - Model X - made it to the first place of the top 10 best AWD electric vehicles of 2023 list.

Source: Tesla

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