The Tesla Cybertruck is Coming SOONER Than We Thought

Manufacturing of the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is anticipated to kick off this summer; however, the amount of vehicles produced is going to be tiny, as elucidated by Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, during a call with investors to declare the fourth-quarter earnings of 2022.

According to the financial statement from Tesla, the Cybertruck will commence its assembly in the US "towards the end of this year". Furthermore, the company announced that it will be revealing details about its next-gen car platform on the first of March. Musk and the CFO mentioned that the machinery for the Texas factory is being put in place as of now, with the start of production being planned for the beginning of summer. However, Musk warned that the start of production is a gradual process and cautioned against putting too much trust in it.

It is going to be 2024 before the mass production of the Cybertruck is available, which is after Ford, Rivian, and General Motors have already released their electric pickups. 

Tesla's high-end truck model can tow up to 14,000 pounds as per their advertisement

Elon Musk's ambitious 2024 Tesla Cybertruck will be available in limited quantities this year, providing an exciting glimpse of the future of electric pickups. With a unique design and groundbreaking technology, this vehicle is sure to make a big impact in the automotive industry. Elon Musk has undoubtedly set the bar high with the Cybertruck, and its limited availability this year means that only a select few will get to experience it firsthand.

2024 Tesla Cybertruck: What You Need to Know

The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck from Tesla Inc. and was first unveiled in 2019. The Cybertruck features a futuristic, angular design that has drawn both admiration and criticism from consumers and critics alike. Learn more
Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 Truck All-Wheel drive 340 $79,990
2024 Truck Cyberbeast 450 $99,990
2024 Truck Rear-Wheel drive 250 $60,990

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