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Scout Motors Inc. carves a distinctive niche in the automotive landscape, marrying tradition with forward-thinking electric innovation. Owned by Navistar International and nestled within the Volkswagen Group, Scout Motors operates from its stronghold in the U.S., embodying the essence of an independent entity with a vision rooted in electrification. Launched in May 2022, it’s on a mission to redefine the off-road experience with electric vehicles (EVs) that dare to traverse the unbeaten path.

The Scout name, a tribute to the venerable International Harvester Scout off-roader of 1961-1980, underscores Scout Motors electric’s dedication to rugged durability. Volkswagen’s acquisition of this heritage in 2020 set the stage for a new chapter in off-road adventures, now powered by electricity.

Introduced by Volkswagen AG on May 11, 2022, Scout Motors electric embarks on creating electric vehicles (EVs) with a distinct American identity. Spearheaded by Scott Keogh, this venture is a bold stride towards melding sustainable technology with off-road capability.

On March 3, 2023, Scout Motors electric announced its ambitious plan to construct a $2 billion manufacturing hub in Blythewood, South Carolina. Here, the essence of Scout Motors electric will materialize into two pioneering models: a “Rugged Utility Vehicle” (RUV) and an electric pickup. Both vehicles honor the iconic Scout legacy as modern off-roaders, slated for production in 2025 and expected to hit the market soon after.

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