Rivian and AT&T Collab: Smart, Eco-Friendly Vehicles on the Rise!

In a move towards sustainable transportation, Rivian Automotive, Inc. and AT&T have announced a pioneering agreement. Through this agreement, AT&T will collab with Rivian's electric vehicles into its fleet as part of a pilot program. This initiative is a step towards reducing transportation emissions, with AT&T planning to collab with the Rivian Commercial Van and R1 vehicles into its fleet starting early 2024. This endeavor aims to enhance safety, reduce operational costs, and significantly diminish AT&T’s carbon footprint, aligning with the company's environmental commitments.

AT&T's commercial fleet, vital in maintaining customer connectivity, is set to embark on an electrification journey due to collab with Rivian EVs. This pilot program is not just a leap towards innovation but also a stride towards AT&T's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. By adopting Rivian's electric vehicles, AT&T is exploring new avenues in sustainable transportation, demonstrating its dedication to environmental stewardship while maintaining its high standards of customer service.

Rivian and AT&T Collab
AT&T and Rivian: Driving Towards a Sustainable Future with Cutting-Edge Electric Vehicles

Moreover, this collab extends beyond vehicle procurement. AT&T has been chosen as the exclusive provider of connectivity for Rivian vehicles across the U.S. and Canada. This partnership enhances the driving experience by ensuring a more intelligent, safe, and connected journey, facilitated by AT&T's advanced connectivity solutions. Rivian's Commercial Van, a model of innovation, emphasizes safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Equipped with cutting-edge safety features and Rivian's proprietary software, these vehicles are set to revolutionize fleet management efficiency, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and economically viable transportation future.

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Source: AT&T and Rivian Team Up to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Enable Smart, Connected Vehicles

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Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Standard pack 260 $78,000
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Large pack 352 $84,000
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Max pack 400 $94,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $89,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 400 $99,000
2024 SUV Quad-Motor AWD Large pack 321 $92,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Standard pack 270 $74,900
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Standard+ pack 315 $78,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Standard+ pack 315 $83,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $84,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 400 $94,000

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