Rivian Removes Compass Yellow Paint & 20-inch Wheels from R1S/R1T Options!

The California-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Rivian, has recently announced changes to its vehicle customization options. Effective from mid-September, the company will no longer offer the Compass Yellow paint and the 20-inch all-terrain Bright wheel options for its R1S and R1T models. This revelation came to light through emails dispatched to reservation holders.

From mid-September, California's EV maker Rivian will discontinue Compass Yellow paint and 20-inch wheels for R1S and R1T models

Additionally, Rivian has made a move to restrict specific color combinations. Customers will no longer have the option to pair a Red Canyon or Rivian Blue exterior with a Forest Edge interior.

A parallel situation has been observed regarding the discontinuation of the 20-inch all-terrain Bright wheels.

2023 Rivian R1T Exterior Image 16
It has been observed that the production of the 20-inch Bright wheels, suitable for all terrains, has ceased

As of the latest update, both items set for discontinuation can still be found in the online configurator for the 2023 Rivian R1S and 2023 Rivian R1T models. However, these options will soon be delisted.

Compass Yellow's removal leaves eight exterior color choices, including LA Silver, Glacier White, and Red Canyon

The removal of Compass Yellow from the palette will leave potential buyers with a choice of eight exterior colors: LA Silver, Glacier White, Red Canyon, Midnight, Rivian Blue, Limestone, Forest Green, and El Cap Granite.

Rivian restricts color combinations, stopping Red Canyon or Rivian Blue pairings with Forest Edge interiors

On the wheels front, current offerings include three options tailored for the All-Terrain Upgrade and another three optimized for regular road use. With the removal of the 20-inch all-terrain Bright option, customers will be left with five wheel choices.

It's highly probable that sales won't decline, but rather, they could potentially rise. The introduction of additional color options is also likely. This ensures that the R1T continues to secure its spot among the best all-electric pickup trucks of 2023.

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Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Standard pack 260 $78,000
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Large pack 352 $84,000
2024 SUV Dual Motor AWD Max pack 400 $94,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $89,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 400 $99,000
2024 SUV Quad-Motor AWD Large pack 321 $92,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Standard pack 270 $74,900
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Standard+ pack 315 $78,000
2024 SUV Performance Dual-Motor AWD Standard+ pack 315 $83,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $84,000
2024 SUV Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 400 $94,000

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