Mercedes-Benz’s Global High-Power Charging Stations Debuting This Fall!

Remember back in January when Mercedes-Benz got us all buzzing with their grand plan for a high-powered EV charging network? Well, they're back with some great updates!

Mercedes-Benz Charging Network 1
In partnership with MN8 Energy, they envisioned 400 hubs with 2,500 ChargePoint DC chargers across North America's busy areas

Back then, in partnership with MN8 Energy, they painted a picture of over 400 charging hubs, hosting a whopping 2,500 ChargePoint DC fast charging spots dotted across North America. Imagine these hubs right in the heart of bustling areas, a haven for our increasing family of EVs, both near our favorite shopping spots and along those long highway stretches.

Mercedes-Benz Charging Network 3
Mercedes collaborates with six auto giants for universal EV charging. They aim for 10,000 global chargers by decade's end

The best part? This isn't just a Mercedes thing. They're teaming up with six other auto giants to make charging an EV as universal as filling up at a gas station. And while North America gets its fair share, Mercedes has eyes on the world. They're dreaming big – thinking of a network that grows to over 10,000 branded chargers by the end of the decade.

Hold onto your hats because soon, wherever you're traveling globally, you might just spot a Mercedes-Benz charging station welcoming you in.

Mercedes-Benz Charging Network 2
By October, Atlanta, Chengdu, and Mannheim will debut Charging Hubs. By 2031, they aim for 2,000 hubs globally

By this October, if you're in Atlanta, Chengdu, or Mannheim, you could be one of the first to experience their new Charging Hubs. By the time we ring in 2031, they're hoping to have over 2,000 of these hubs worldwide.

These stations are quite the treat. Depending on where you are, they promise powerful charging rates of up to 400kW and a bunch of plug options to suit all our EVs. Plus, for fellow Mercedes EV owners, they're rolling out the red carpet with a "Plug & Charge" feature and a chance to reserve your spot in advance.

Mercedes-Benz Charging Network 4
Stations offer up to 400kW charging rates, various plug options, and a "Plug & Charge" feature for Mercedes EV owners

To wrap it all up, Mercedes-Benz wants to reassure us that this exciting new network will smoothly fit into their current EV charger landscape. So, in addition to these new spots, we've still got a massive 1.3 million charging points across the globe to rely on.

Mercedes also recently announced its adoption of Tesla's NACS for a universal EV plug. From 2025, Mercedes EVs will feature NACS ports, with adapters for current CCS-equipped vehicles.

Source: Mercedes