Exploring the MyNISSAN Navigation Feature: Journey to traverse all five Great Lakes in a single day

The ambitious journey to traverse all five Great Lakes in a single day posed a significant challenge, especially in an electric vehicle such as Nissan Ariya. The expedition required meticulous planning to cover over 600 miles through Ontario and Michigan, areas with a relatively sparse network of charging stations.

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Monitor the charging status of your Ariya effortlessly using the MyNISSAN app. Every 2024 Nissan model equipped with NissanConnect Services includes a trial of the 3-year Premium Package

The NissanConnect Services and the MyNISSAN app played an essential role in enabling efficient planning of the route and ensuring punctual stops. The MyNISSAN app was particularly valuable for tracking the charging status of the vehicle, an important aspect for journeys in electric vehicles. This functionality was further improved by offering a 3-year Premium Package trial with all 2024 Nissan models that are equipped with NissanConnect Services.

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The route encompassed eight picturesque stops across Ontario and Michigan

The Intelligent Route Planner integrated into the MyNISSAN app was used for optimal navigation for Nissan EVs. This feature mapped out necessary charging stations along the route, enabling a seamless journey. It is emphasized the importance of such features for enhancing the electric vehicle ownership experience, especially for longer trips.

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NissanConnect helps drivers quickly find the charging station they need.

The journey included picturesque stops across Ontario and Michigan, starting in Hamilton, Ontario, and progressing to Port Stanley on Lake Erie. The MyNISSAN app allowed users to remotely monitor their charging status and receive alerts if the charger disconnected. As the trip advanced, visiting places like Port Austin on Lake Huron and Charlevoix near Lake Michigan, the NissanConnect features proved indispensable for ensuring the completion of the ambitious trip on time. The final destination was Brimley on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Ariya and the planning tools.

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Source: Intelligent Ariya features help optimize charge and range during Great Lakes expedition

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