Kia’s Electrifying Surprise: Two New EV Concepts Teased for Upcoming EV Day!

Gearing up for its inaugural EV Day on October 12 in Yeoju, South Korea, Kia is setting the stage for unveiling its latest electric vehicle (EV) advancements. Anchoring the event are the reimagined EV6 and the newly launched EV9. Additionally, the EV5 SUV, first seen at China's Chengdu Motor Show, further signifies Kia's solid footsteps in the EV arena.

Kia's EV Day Debut: Two New Electric Concepts Revealed!
Kia's first EV Day on October 12 in Yeoju will showcase the new EV6, EV9, and previously-debuted EV5 SUV

However, stealing the limelight are two enigmatic concept cars that sandwich the 2025 EV5. While their shared design aesthetics—sloping roofs and bold fenders—point to a unified vision, distinct elements such as lighting patterns suggest unique identities. Speculation is rife, with the left concept potentially challenging the Tesla Model 3 and even earning the tag 'EV3'. Its counterpart on the right, possibly the EV4, intrigues with a design reminiscent of the Soul EV seen on U.S. roads.

Two captivating Kia concept cars, flanking the 2025 EV5, showcase unified yet distinct designs, sparking speculation of future EV models

As the countdown to the event begins, the automotive world waits with bated breath. Kia's teaser promises a blend of innovation and design, paving the way for its electric future.

Kia recently introduced the 2024 EV9, an electric three-row crossover with five trims, set to debut in Q4 at $54,900.

Source: KIA