Hyundai’s New IONIQ Lab in Thailand Leads EV Revolution

Hyundai Motor Company has recently inaugurated its innovative IONIQ Lab at True Digital Park in Bangkok, Thailand. This facility symbolizes Hyundai's leadership in the electric vehicle (EV) sector and its commitment to sustainable innovation globally and in Thailand. Designed to foster creativity and collaboration, the IONIQ Lab serves as a hub for innovation and sustainability, showcasing Hyundai's expertise in vehicle electrification​​.

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Hyundai launches IONIQ Lab at Bangkok's True Digital Park, spearheading Thailand's electric vehicle revolution

The IONIQ Lab, conceptualized as a 'Pioneer Playground', combines elements of innovation and sustainability, emphasizing Thailand's role in shaping the future of mobility. It provides a dynamic environment for exploring Hyundai's intuitive technologies and products, marking a significant chapter in the IONIQ brand's journey​​.

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IONIQ Lab exhibits Hyundai's worldwide prowess in electric vehicles, promoting innovation and teamwork in Thailand

The establishment of the IONIQ Lab in Thailand highlights its strategic importance in Hyundai's ASEAN strategy. This investment underscores Hyundai's commitment to delivering exceptional services and products for a sustainable future. The lab is a collaborative effort with the CP brand, located on the first floor of the west building within True Digital Park, aligning with Hyundai’s vision for the IONIQ brand and extending beyond traditional EV manufacturing boundaries​​​​.

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Visitors will explore Hyundai's acclaimed IONIQ 5, the dynamic IONIQ 5 N, and the evolving landscape of electric transportation

Significantly, the IONIQ 5, which has recently been launched in Thailand, has transformed the EV mobility experience with its innovative design and advanced features. The model has garnered several prestigious awards, including the 2022 World Car of the Year, underlining its influence in redefining the EV sector. The IONIQ Lab not only embodies the design concept of IONIQ 5 but also represents a new era in automotive innovation, merging emotional driving performance with cutting-edge technology​​.

For further insight into Hyundai's innovative approach in the EV market, particularly how the IONIQ 5 N is revolutionizing EVs with racing technology and its capabilities in drifting.

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Source: Hyundai

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