GMC is a division of General Motors that produces a range of trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. The brand was founded in 1912 and is known for its rugged and durable vehicles, many of which are used in commercial applications.

GMC’s lineup includes a range of trucks, including the mid-size Canyon, full-size Sierra, and heavy-duty Sierra HD. The brand’s SUVs include the compact Terrain, mid-size Acadia, and full-size Yukon. In addition, GMC offers a range of commercial vehicles, including cargo vans and chassis cabs.

One of the hallmarks of GMC is its commitment to durability and capability. Many of the brand’s vehicles are designed for use in challenging environments, such as construction sites and oil fields. GMC’s trucks and SUVs are known for their powerful engines, advanced towing technologies, and rugged construction.

In recent years, GMC has also focused on incorporating advanced technologies into its vehicles. Some of the most notable features include the ProGrade Trailering System, which provides advanced trailer monitoring and assistance, and the GMC Infotainment System, which offers advanced connectivity options and smartphone integration.

Overall, GMC is a brand that is focused on providing durable and capable vehicles for both commercial and personal use. With advanced technologies and a commitment to durability, GMC’s trucks and SUVs are popular choices for those who need a vehicle that can handle tough jobs and challenging environments.

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