Ford SuperVan Pikes Peak Race: A Thrilling Debut at the Legendary Hillclimb

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, also known as “The Race to the Clouds,” is a legendary event in the world of motorsport. This challenging race involves a 12.5-mile journey up a mountain road in the Rocky Mountains, featuring notorious turns like Bottomless Pit, Ragged Edge, and Devil’s Playground. Since its inception in 1916, various vehicles have attempted to conquer this daunting course, but the 101st race earlier this year saw an extraordinary entrant: the Ford SuperVan 4.2.

This was not just any van. In the Ford SuperVan Pikes Peak race, the Ford vehicle proved itself as a remarkable hillclimb beast, boasting an incredible 1,400 horsepower, thanks to its high-tech electric powertrain with three electric motors. It's an evolution of the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan 4.0, which first wowed crowds at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2022. However, the SuperVan 4.2 brought something new to the table for the Pikes Peak challenge: an 880-pound weight reduction, advanced battery technology, and improved electric motors. This machine, inspired by Ford Pro’s E-Transit Custom van, combines raw power with an aerodynamic design, enabling it to create two tonnes of downforce at around 150 miles per hour, a feature crucial for maintaining grip during the high-speed corners of Pikes Peak.

Ford SuperVan 4.2: not your average van. With 1,400 hp, enhanced aerodynamics, and a major weight cut, it redefines high-speed hillclimbing

Behind the wheel of the Ford SuperVan 4.2 was none other than racing driver Romain Dumas, known for holding the record for the fastest-ever ascent of Pikes Peak. With Dumas at the helm, the SuperVan was more than just a novelty; it was a serious contender, blending the utility of a van with the performance of a race car. This unique combination of speed, power, and design showcases Ford's commitment to innovation and its ability to push the boundaries of conventional vehicle categories.

Ford SuperVan 4.2 exterior image 1
Ford SuperVan Pikes Peak race: more than a race, it's a new chapter in automotive innovation, blending utility with high-speed excitement

The story of this vehicle in the Ford SuperVan Pikes Peak race is not just about a race; it's about redefining what's possible in automotive engineering. To see how this electrifying journey unfolded in the Ford SuperVan Pikes Peak race, the accompanying video provides a glimpse into this historic moment in motorsport, where a van ascended the Rocky Mountains not just to compete but to make a statement. The Ford SuperVan 4.2 truly represents a new direction in racing, merging the worlds of commercial utility and high-speed thrill.

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Source: Ford