Ford Business Charging Ports: Ford Pro partners with Xcel Energy to install 30,000 EV charging ports for commercial fleets

The partnership between Ford Pro and Xcel Energy is a trailblazing step forward in fostering environmentally sustainable practices within the business sector. Their groundbreaking 30x30 initiative, aiming to install 30,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports across the U.S. by 2030, is a monumental stride towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting green transportation. With Xcel Energy’s commitment to fund most of the upfront costs, this initiative paves the way for businesses to easily transition to eco-friendly EVs, significantly contributing to environmental conservation.

Ford Business Charging Ports
Ford Pro and Xcel Energy Unite: A view of a new EV charging station being installed under the 30x30 initiative, set to revolutionize business fleet electrification across the U.S.

Embedded in Xcel Energy's broader Electric Vehicle Supply Infrastructure (EVSI) program, the 30x30 initiative is set to catalyze a significant uptick in EV adoption. Launching in 2024 in Colorado and Wisconsin, with potential expansion to other areas, Ford Pro will provide an extensive array of charging solutions, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate EVs into their operations. This collaboration goes beyond just setting up infrastructure; it represents a concerted effort to support the green revolution in the business world.

Ford Business Charging Ports 2
Sustainable Future in Action: One of the 30,000 EV charging ports being installed by Ford Pro and Xcel Energy, showcasing the commitment to clean energy and business efficiency

Xcel Energy’s role in managing installations and shouldering initial costs is a substantial boost to eco-friendly transportation. Ford Pro, on its part, is dedicated to offering ongoing support and advanced technologies like Ford Pro Intelligence and Ford Pro Telematics. These innovations aim not just to improve EV efficiency but also to slash operational costs and optimize charging, furthering environmental sustainability.

Ford Business Charging Ports
Innovative Charging Solutions: A Ford Pro electric vehicle using one of the newly installed charging ports, symbolizing the collaborative effort to enhance EV accessibility for businesses

Importantly, the 30x30 initiative aligns impeccably with broader ecological goals. By promoting off-peak charging, it seeks to lessen the load on the electric grid and curtail emissions, playing a critical role in combating climate change. This initiative stands as a pioneering example of collaboration between vehicle manufacturers and utility providers, focused on creating sustainable EV charging infrastructures. It’s a visionary approach that meets the evolving needs of businesses while diligently safeguarding our planet.

Driving Green Business: Watch how Ford Pro and Xcel Energy's groundbreaking 30x30 initiative is deploying 30,000 EV charging ports, transforming the landscape of commercial vehicle electrification in the United States by 2030

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