Discover The Range Of Powertrains Of The All-New Hyundai KONA!

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the next-generation 2024 Hyundai KONA subcompact SUV on December 19, 2022, which comes in four variants: EV, HEV, ICE and N Line. All models share the same architecture, but come with individual styling. The launch reflects Hyundai's commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-driven design, and broadens its EV range which was first seen in the IONIQ lineup.

The latest KONA is a mid-sized, city-driven SUV with a stylish and robust exterior and driver-focused interior. It is 150mm longer, 25mm wider and 60mm longer in wheelbase than the previous model. Hyundai's unconventional approach of creating an EV variant first and then adapting it for ICE/HEV and N Line models allowed for a tech-savvy design for all variants, each with its own unique, futuristic styling. 

The front of the brand-new KONA has a unique, clear shape that helps it move through the air easily. The Seamless Horizon Lamp is stretched out and pixelated on the EV version, making it the first Hyundai to have this feature. The EV model's Parametric Pixels also add to its distinctive design. Even though it looks modern, this KONA still looks like an SUV with its strong, chiseled wheel arch cladding that contains the head and tail lights.

The completely remodeled KONA is lined with 3D surfaces, with sharp diagonal wrinkle of the sides, Flawless Horizon Lamp and high-mounted brake lamp (HMSL) blended in. Powertrain variants have different stylistic features; EV has pixel-like details, ICE and HEV have a rugged bumper and skid plate design, and N Line has wing-type spoiler, intense front and rear designs and 19-inch alloy wheels.

The interior of the brand-new 2024 Hyundai KONA is much more spacious, offering a variety of features and an improved driving experience for people with diverse lifestyles. The EV-derived architecture provides a sporty design featuring a horizontal C-Pad, which gives the interior a slim and broad look. The two 12.3-inch wide displays, the floating module, and the ambient lighting all contribute to the high-tech atmosphere. Additionally, the shift-by-wire was relocated from the center console to behind the steering wheel, allowing for a more organized layout and plenty of space in the center tunnel. The Curve-less Bench Seat in the second row has a modern and urban design, making the interior comfortable and convenient. Behind the second row is an optimized cargo space. In the upcoming months, more details of the Hyundai KONA will be revealed.

2024 Hyundai Kona: What You Need to Know

The 2024 Hyundai Kona all-electric version is a new, innovative vehicle that is sure to be a hit with drivers all across the world. This car combines the best of both worlds: a zero-emission all-electric motor and the convenience of a car. Learn more
Year Body Trim Range Price
2024 SUV SE 258 $32,675
2024 SUV SEL 258 $36,675
2024 SUV Limited 258 $41,045

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