Unveiling the Stunning Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV Night Series

Mercedes-Maybach is introducing a fresh appearance to attract a modern set of consumers who are interested in luxurious electric vehicles. The 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, which was launched worldwide in April 2023, is now available for purchase with the Night Series design package as the latest addition to the lineup.

Mercedes-Maybach: Introducing the EQS SUV Night Series
The SUV showcases distinctive elements: rose gold Maybach emblem on headlights, dark chrome refinements, pinstripes, and emblem-patterned air intake inserts

The SUV features several unique details, such as a Maybach emblem in rose gold on the headlights and dark chrome refinements. The front grille panel has darkened Maybach pinstripes, and the air intake inserts have a dark chrome-plated pattern of the Maybach emblem.

New EQS SUV Night Series: Luxury from Mercedes-Maybach
The EQS SUV showcases 3D-designed sleek black surrounds on its side windows and a refined black running board with a dark chrome Maybach emblem, along with a sporty rear and roof spoiler

The Mercedes EQS SUV has sleek black surrounds in a 3D design on its side windows and a refined black running board with a dark chrome Maybach emblem. It also includes a rear and roof spoiler, enhancing its sporty and aerodynamic trim.

Unveiling the EQS SUV Night Series: Mercedes-Maybach
Luxury meets sustainability in the car's interior, featuring Econyl carpet and vegetable-tanned Exclusive Nappa Leather

The Night Series design package offers customers three paint finish options: exclusive Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver two-tone, Obsidian Black, and MANUFAKTUR Diamond White. The EQS SUV's interior is a luxurious and eco-friendly mix of Econyl carpet and vegetable-tanned Exclusive Nappa Leather, available in Crystal White/Black Pearl or Black Pearl colorways. The interior is further highlighted by the MANUFAKTUR Natural Grain Herringbone wood pattern trim with aluminum accents.

Night Series: Mercedes-Maybach's EQS SUV Arrives
The EQS SUV, the first all-electric Mercedes-Maybach, is now available for order with the Night Series design package. This comes after its global launch in April 2023

The Night Series design package for the EQS SUV offers a captivating combination of striking aesthetics, eco-friendly materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. Mercedes-Maybach's commitment to both luxury and sustainability is evident in every detail, making the 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV a true embodiment of their vision for the future of electric vehicles.

Source: Mercedes

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