Canoo Electric

Established in 2017, Canoo has emerged as a company at the forefront of the automotive industry’s evolution, thanks to its development of Multi-Purpose Platforms and digital ecosystems. Canoo’s strategy is centered on making electric vehicles (EVs) accessible to a broad audience, with models such as the 2024 Canoo LDV 130, 2024 Canoo LDV 190, 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, 2024 Canoo Pickup Truck, and 2024 Canoo MPDV exemplifying its commitment to diversification and inclusivity in the EV market.

The company’s approach is underpinned by a modular electric platform that prioritizes interior space flexibility, allowing for extensive customization to meet the diverse needs of consumers and businesses throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. This platform reflects Canoo’s ambition to cater to a wide array of vehicle applications, from personal use to commercial.

Canoo’s team, comprising individuals with a wealth of experience from leading firms in the technology and automotive sectors, has been instrumental in the company’s innovative drive. With operations spread across strategic locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, and California, Canoo is strategically positioned to influence the automotive industry significantly, showcasing a unique blend of pioneering technology and an innovative business model aimed at reshaping how vehicles are designed, built, and used.