Big news! GM ditches Apple CarPlay for Google in EVs!

To gather more data on how drivers use and charge electric vehicles, General Motors plans to discontinue the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies in upcoming models, including the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer. Instead, GM will rely on built-in infotainment systems that they are developing in collaboration with Google. This move will allow GM to capture more information on consumer behavior and preferences when it comes to EVs.

Previously, GM's Chevrolet brand had the most models with either CarPlay or Android Auto. However, GM has been collaborating with Google since 2019 to create infotainment systems that are more closely linked with other vehicle systems. As part of their plan to provide digital subscription services, GM is speeding up their strategy for EVs to become platforms for these services. Their goal is to stop producing new combustion light-duty vehicles by 2035.

GM will integrate top applications including Google Maps, Google Assistant, Spotify, and Audible into their advanced in-car displays

GM plans to expand its electric vehicle and software platforms by introducing new features, content, and services that will enable customers to connect with their digital lives. A key aspect of this approach is to develop integrated experiences that revolutionize how customers interact with their cars. Examples of such experiences include:

  • EV routing based on real-time vehicle data and traffic
  • Sharing real-time availability of charging stations based on vehicle's current state of charge
  • Optimizing navigation routing options for advanced driver assistance tech like Super Cruise and upcoming Ultra Cruise
  • Voice commands for controlling important vehicle functions
  • Downloading software updates and apps easily over the air
  • Customizable screens for easy access to GM ecosystem

GM plans to integrate various industry-leading applications like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Audible, Spotify, and more into their advanced in-vehicle displays. This will provide customers with seamless access to a wide range of experiences, moving beyond phone projection systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

GM announced that drivers can still use Bluetooth to listen to music and make calls on iPhones or Android smartphones

According to GM's Chief Digital Officer, Edward Kummer, and Executive Director of Digital Cockpit Experience, Mike Himche, GM would benefit from investing in and focusing on one method of connecting in-vehicle infotainment and navigation with assisted driving features. Himche explained that GM has many new driver assistance features coming out that are closely linked to navigation and they do not want to create these features in a way that requires a person to have a cellphone. GM has announced that buyers of their EVs with the new systems will receive Google Maps and Google Assistant at no additional cost for eight years. Additionally, GM has stated that future infotainment systems will offer applications such as Spotify's music service, Audible, and other services that drivers currently access via smartphones.