Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery Production: Back & Better Than Ever!

GM has come up with a comprehensive plan of action to guarantee that consumers can drive, charge, and park the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Chevrolet Bolt EUV securely and confidently. The plan entails both hardware and software solutions, some of which have already been implemented.

The executive VP of Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain expressed their gratitude for the patience of owners and dealers while they put together solutions to this recall. He also mentioned that restarting battery module production on Chevrolet was the first step and that they would continue to work quickly with LG to acquire more battery supply. Additionally, he expressed optimism that a new, advanced diagnostic software would make things easier for their customers.

Replacing the battery modules will start in October

LG's battery factories in Holland and Hazel Park, Michigan have restarted production, as well as increasing the amount of cells supplied to GM. Replacement battery components are expected to be delivered to dealerships by mid-October. The rare cause of battery fires are two manufacturing flaws called a torn anode and a folded separator, which must both be present in the same cell. LG has introduced new manufacturing procedures, and reviewed and upgraded their quality control programs to ensure the batteries are safe. They will also implement these processes at facilities that will provide cells to GM in the future.

GM is making it a priority to address Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV owners who have batteries that were created in certain production periods where there may be possible battery faults. They have established a system where they will inform the affected customers when their new parts are ready.

In about two months, GM plans to roll out a brand-new software system that will widen the range of battery charging parameters beyond the current guidelines. This system will be able to identify irregularities that may point to a damaged battery in both the Bolt EVs and EUVs by keeping track of the battery's performance and notifying customers of any problems; it will also rank any faulty battery components in order of priority for repair. GM intends to create further diagnostic software so that customers can fully restore the battery's charge after the diagnosis has been finalized. 

This software, which will be available to all owners of the Bolt EV and EUV, must be installed by the dealer. Customers can start making appointments to have the software installed at their Chevy EV dealer within the next two months.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior Image 7
Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior Image 9
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Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior Image 7
Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior Image 9
Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior Image 6

GM has provided new instructions regarding parking. In accordance with the company's advice, customers are allowed to park wherever they prefer, but they should take extra precautions when doing so. GM has not been informed of any incidents where their safety advice has not been followed, in parking garages or elsewhere.

GM has specified the following instructions: 

1. Utilize Target Charge Level mode to set the vehicle to a 90 percent state of charge limitation. If customers are unable to accomplish this themselves or feel unsure about it, GM encourages them to go to the dealer for help.

2. It is recommended to charge the vehicle more frequently and try to avoid reducing the range below about 70 miles.

3. Once the vehicle is done charging, it should be parked outside and not left plugged in indoors overnight.

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