Revolutionary electric cars from Honda unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2023

During Auto Shanghai 2023, Honda introduced its latest electric vehicles, which consisted of two prototypes close to production and a third concept representing a future vehicle. Specifically, the e:NP2 Prototype and e:NS2 Prototype, both crossovers, are set to hit Chinese showrooms in early 2024, forming part of the second wave of Honda's China-exclusive e:N series of battery-electric models. They are built on a new dedicated EV architecture, different from the first wave's e:NP1 and e:NS1, which utilized the sheet metal of the HR-V model.

Auto Shanghai 2023: Honda's latest electric vehicles revealed - QW
Honda pledged to launch ten new EV models in China by 2027, aiming to achieve a fully electric lineup by 2035

The e:NP2 and e:NS2 Prototypes showcased by Honda at Auto Shanghai 2023 appear to have a similar design, and for a good reason: they're essentially the same car with slight differences. Honda has two joint-ventures in China, GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, and each built their own version of the car. The e:NS2 has a front end resembling the Honda Clarity, while the e:NP2's design takes cues from the previous generation of the Honda Accord. Both prototypes feature a fastback-style rear.

Honda's Stunning EV Prototype Lineup at Auto Shanghai 2023
Honda's e:N SUV Concept previews the upcoming third wave of the e:N series in late 2024, featuring a square-shaped rear and differing from the U.S. Honda Prologue with a GM platform

On the other hand, the Honda e:N SUV Concept gives a glimpse of the third wave of the e:N series that is set to arrive in late 2024. The concept car sports a more traditional squared-off rear, and it appears to be a significant departure from the U.S. 2024 Honda Prologue, which shares a General Motors platform.

Honda Reveals Exciting New EV Prototypes at Auto Shanghai
Honda displayed e:NP2 and e:NS2 prototypes. They have a similar design because they are the same car with minor differences. Honda's Chinese joint-ventures, GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, each manufactured their own version of the car

According to Honda, the driving experience of these electric vehicles is designed to provide a "sense of oneness" between the driver and the car, taking inspiration from their history of producing nimble and dynamic passenger cars. However, some skeptics question whether this promise will be fulfilled, given the departure of modern Hondas from the sporty characteristics of previous models like the CRX and Prelude.

Honda's Revolutionary EV Prototypes: A Sneak Peek at Auto Shanghai 2023
Honda's e:NP2 and e:NS2 Prototypes, crossovers, will be in Chinese showrooms in early 2024, as part of the second wave of China-exclusive e:N electric models

All three of the revealed vehicles also come equipped with Honda Connect 4.0 software, highlighting the company's focus on technological innovation. Looking ahead, Honda has committed to introducing 10 new EV models to the Chinese market by 2027, with the goal of achieving a completely electric lineup in China by 2035.