2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia EV Electric Sedan

2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia EV

The 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia EV marks a leap forward for Alfa Romeo, syncing with the auto industry's energetic pivot to electric power, and heralding the brand's bold pledge to embrace an all-electric future by 2027. This transition is exemplified by the introduction of the next-generation Giulia, although it hasn't yet been officially confirmed to continue under the Giulia nameplate. The vehicle is part of a larger strategy by Alfa Romeo to launch two new vehicles in the D-segment by 2025 and 2026, including this electric variant and a successor to the Stelvio, also powered by electricity.

Image 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia 111
The electric Alfa Romeo Giulia EV is expected to be launched in 2026

In a departure from the current market trend that favors SUVs, Alfa Romeo has chosen to retain the traditional saloon configuration for the 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia EV. This decision reflects the company's intention to stick to the saloon segment, as indicated by Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, despite acknowledging a downturn in this market segment. This stance suggests a calculated risk in market positioning, aiming to preserve brand identity in the face of changing consumer preferences.

From a technical standpoint, the 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia EV is planned to utilize Stellantis's STLA EV platform, integrated with an 800V electrical system. This technological direction points towards an emphasis on enhancing the efficiency of charging and vehicle performance. The projected charging capabilities indicate an ability to achieve a significant battery charge in less than 18 minutes using a fast charger. Moreover, an expected maximum range of roughly 435 miles according to WLTP standards, translating to about 387 miles by EPA standards, positions the vehicle within the competitive landscape of electric vehicles in terms of range.

The electric Alfa Romeo Giulia EV is slated to hit the market in 2026.

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