Beyond the NSX: Acura’s Electric Vision Concept Teases Exciting NSX EV Potential

The ZDX marks Acura's initial move into electrification, with more to come. Alongside their first electric vehicle, Acura revealed the Electric Vision Design Study, resembling the NSX sports car, hinting at a potential electric sports car. Crafted alongside the 2024 Acura ZDX Type S at Acura's LA Design Studio, the Electric Vision features slim vertical headlights similar to Acura's IMSA Prototype racer, a light bar across the pointed nose, and a fluorescent green illuminated Acura badge on the hood.

Acura unveiled its inaugural electric car and the Electric Vision Design Study, reminiscent of the NSX, suggesting a forthcoming electric sports vehicle

Acura introduces the Electric Vision Design Study as a preview of a potential sporty electric vehicle, although the company hasn't confirmed its production status or provided any performance details for the concept.

Acura is embarking on an electric performance direction, commencing with the 500-horsepower 2024 ZDX Type S and aiming to expand its performance EV offerings. Acura's target is to sell 300,000 EVs by 2030, many carrying the Type S badge.

Acura Electric Vision Design Study Exterior Image 2
This idea might serve as a replacement for the recently halted NSX hybrid sports car, which achieved 600 hp in its Type S version

This concept could effectively replace the recently discontinued NSX hybrid sports car, which reached up to 600 hp in its Type S variant. Any upcoming electric sports cars from Acura would naturally need to surpass these power figures.

The notion is as distinctive and captivating as the Lamborghini Lanzador EV Concept, and all that's left for us is to anticipate whether it will finally transition into production.