New Arrival: 2025 Mini Countryman E Set to Hit U.S. Roads in Fall 2024!

Unveiled at the Munich Motor Show as the electric SE ALL4 variant, the 2025 Mini Countryman now introduces its base E version to the U.S.

2025 Mini Countryman E Exterior Image 8
Base Mini E in green lacks gold accents of SE ALL4, replaced by black trim; missing front grille's matte gold, sporty green “S”, and subtler C pillar design

Differences between the two are evident. The base Mini E, showcased in green, eschews the gold accents of the SE ALL4 for glossy black trim. Notably absent are the matte gold surround on its front grille, the side intakes of the lower bumper, and the sporty green “S”. The distinct panel aft of the C pillar seamlessly integrates into the design, offering a less pronounced appearance.

2025 Mini Countryman E Exterior Image 9
Wheel design differs notably: E model has 18-inch wheels, while SE boasts flashy 20-inch blades

One of the most evident changes is the wheel design. The base E model features a conventional 18-inch wheel, in contrast to the SE’s 20-inch flashy blades. The larger sidewall on the E gives it a more crossover-esque appearance, although many might prefer the bigger wheel design of the SE.

Rear design similarities persist, but the E’s lower bumper opts for a painted insert rather than brushed brightwork. Additionally, the bright side sills on the E version are replaced by a simple black plastic sill.

2025 Mini Countryman E Exterior Image 13
Mini previews the electric Countryman E, launching in the U.S. Fall 2024. Detailed specs and features coming soon

For now, Mini has only provided a visual showcase. The electric Countryman E is set to launch in the U.S. in the fall of 2024, with detailed specs and features for the U.S. market to be announced in the near future.

Source: Mini

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