Unveiling the 2025 Mini Cooper E & SE at Munich Motor Show

The dawn of a new electric era is upon us with the arrival of the 2025 Mini Cooper E and Cooper SE. With the latest release, Mini boldly steps into the electric domain, and the buzz is palpable. Here’s what we know about the next-generation electric Minis.

The freshly minted design of the Mini Cooper – both inside and out – was perhaps an open secret in motoring circles, given the anticipation. We managed to catch a glimpse of the 3-door EV in its full glory before the big reveal at the Munich Motor Show. Holding true to its name, the Mini retains its compact design, making it an urban favorite. The new Countryman will cater to those in search of a more substantial vehicle.

Improved aerodynamics with a 0.28 drag coefficient boost the new Minis' EV performance and efficiency

While minimalism dominates the overall aesthetic, the car doesn’t shy away from accentuating its quintessential features. The iconic round LED headlights, contrasting roof and mirror colors, and the classical proportions are retained. Customizable light signatures at the front and rear add a personal touch to the exterior. The absence of chrome, introduction of flush door handles, and the removal of black cladding around the wheel arches further refine the design.

Aerodynamics play a significant role in EV performance. With the drag coefficient improved to 0.28, the new Minis promise better efficiency. Two variants will be initially available:

SpecificationMini Cooper EMini Cooper SE
Motor TypeSingle ElectricSingle Electric
Horsepower184 hp218 hp
Torque214 pound-feet243 pound-feet
0-60 mph7.3 seconds6.7 seconds
Battery Pack Capacity40.7 kWh54.2 kWh
Range (WLTP estimate)190 miles250 miles

Charging is no longer a prolonged affair. The Cooper E and SE can charge at speeds of 75 kW and 95 kW respectively, achieving 10-80% in less than 30 minutes. The integrated pre-conditioning program ensures optimal charging even in cold conditions.

True to Mini’s DNA, the promise is a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience. Enhanced wheelbase and track width ensure better stability. The suspension and damping system are meticulously tuned for a lively ride. Improved body response during cornering, precise steering, and an upgraded ride quality are highlights.

Inside, the absence of a traditional gear lever stands out. Instead, a toggle switch takes center stage. The innovative OLED round infotainment system, complete with "Spike" the dog as a digital assistant, is a must-see. Various "Experience Modes" promise a tailored driving feel. The circular screen and ambient lighting create a cozy atmosphere.

It’s noteworthy that the production for these electric Minis has shifted to China. This means they may not qualify for certain tax benefits.

While we await further details on pricing and availability, the 2025 Mini Cooper E and SE are poised to make a notable entry into the electric vehicle market next year.

With the unveiling of this vehicle, the automaker also introduced us to their latest offering - the 2025 Mini Countryman EV.

Source: Mini

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