New 2023 Rivian R1T Review: How It Hits 410 Miles on a Single Charge!

In the electric vehicle race, every mile counts. Rivian just delivered a delightful surprise to EV enthusiasts: their sleek dual-motor 2023 Rivian R1T pickup, complete with a 180-kWh Max battery pack and snazzy 21-inch wheels, can roam for an impressive estimated 410 miles on a single charge. While we're waiting for the EPA to give the official nod, it seems Rivian may have just outdone its own expectations, previously pegged at a 400-mile range.

In the EV race, Rivian's 2023 R1T, with its 180-kWh battery, surprises with an estimated 410-mile range

But here's where things get spicy: wheel size makes a world of difference. Thinking of going bigger with 22-inch wheels? Expect a modest dip to 380 miles. If off-roading’s your jam and you opt for the rugged 20-inch All-Terrain Upgrade wheels, be prepared for a range of around 355 miles.

For budget-conscious buyers, the R1T offers models from $74,800 (270 miles) to luxury $98,300 (410 miles) and rugged $99,650 versions

The smaller Large battery, holding 135 kWh, isn’t slacking off either. With 21-inch wheels, it boasts an estimated 352 miles, with minor drops depending on your wheel choice. And for those who crave even more power, the Quad-Motor variant is flexing with a projected 321-mile range.

Wheel size impacts range: 22-inch wheels give 380 miles; 20-inch All-Terrain drops it to 355 miles for off-roading

But it's not just about the distance. Rivian's all-new Enduro Drive Unit promises some thrilling rides. The dual-motor configuration can sprint from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds, and if you're willing to step it up to the quad-motor, you'll be revelling in a staggering 835 hp.

The 135 kWh Large battery offers 352 miles with 21-inch wheels; wheel choice affects range; Quad-Motor variant projects 321 miles

And for those of you watching your wallets, the R1T has a variety to offer. The entry-level model, priced at a reasonable $74,800, promises 270 miles of adventure. If luxury and longer rides are more your style, the top-end Dual-Motor Performance model, boasting that 410-mile range, can be yours for $98,300. And for those who want to go all out? The All-Terrain Upgrade, with its rugged charm, sits at a cool $99,650.

Also, from mid-September, California's EV maker, Rivian, discontinues Compass Yellow paint and 20-inch wheels for R1S and R1T models.

2023 Rivian R1T: What You Need to Know

The 2023 Rivian R1T is the world’s first all-electric pickup truck, developed and produced by Rivian, an American automotive technology company based in Michigan. 6 feet. Learn more
Year Body Trim Range Price
2023 Truck Dual-Motor AWD Standard pack 270 $73,000
2023 Truck Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $79,000
2023 Truck Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 410 $89,000
2023 Truck Performance Dual-Motor AWD Large pack 352 $84,000
2023 Truck Performance Dual-Motor AWD Max pack 410 $94,000
2023 Truck Quad-Motor AWD Large pack 328 $87,000